Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets


Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

Wholesale market district of Guangzhou City Railway Station is located in Guangzhou Railway Station and surrounding areas, is a large wholesale market clusters in the Guangzhou Railway Station, the current size of the wholesale market of nearly 100, involving clothing, leather, footwear, beauty, auto parts, tea, hotel supplies, stationery and other industries, there were about 30 000 businesses entered the typical wholesale market: Guangzhou Baima clothing market Tianma international fashion wholesale center Cotton Tree International Fashion City earth clothing wholesale city Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market wide control Building Leisure Clothing City.

1 The Fuli trade clothing wholesale market

Address: No. 921 North Renmin Road,
Fuli Building, foreign trade clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale and Trade Zone, adjacent to the railway station, trade fairs, freight station, bus terminal, a network of wholesale clothing business circles and close to all major clothing wholesale market is a After several years of cultivation, Fuli Building has become a mature clothing wholesale market, the existing shops (including more than 350 of the Scriptorium), internal facilities, equipment (including central air conditioning, escalators, passenger and ladders, broadband network etc.), but also multi-bus terminus and sub-stations, the flow of people is very wide, transportation is very convenient. Fuli Building, Liuhua area of ​​foreign trade clothing wholesale market, and shops available in Guangzhou’s first office. Reputation in the circle, won the majority of tenants welcome and support.

2 Yima clothing Plaza

Address: 11 Station Road
Yima Fashion Square, one of the investment project Traffic Investment Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Yima, the core area is located in Liuhua district, located in the Central City West Station Road at the junction adjacent to the Guangzhou Metro Station site, adjacent to Guangzhou bus station, provincial bus station, Liuhua Bus Station, Guangzhou Railway Station. Surrounding large-scale clothing wholesale market gathered, brought together in Guangzhou, Humen, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Chaozhou and Shantou, Jinjiang, Fujian, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Wuhan, Shenyang and other clothing wholesalers and retailers, and Guangzhou clothing wholesale and retail distribution center. According to industry analysts,Yima will become the PRD clothing manufacturers, wholesalers, and other wholesale clothing of the province at home and abroad, the clothing retailer eyes of the hottest trade window, the future international trading platform “business card”.
Yima clothing Plaza Guangzhou municipal government, major projects, the Government’s strong support in all respects. Plaza set of Yima apparel clothing wholesale, trade negotiations, to display the exhibition, international procurement, business office, and a magnificent multi-function hall, the interpretation of fashion, trend-setting, is the the Liuhua region’s largest professional wholesale clothing integrated square one.

3 White Horse Clothing Market

Address: White Horse Clothing Market, Station Road 16, the ninth floor
Guangzhou Baima clothing market was established in October 1991, specializing in commercial property operation and management of well-known enterprises, mainly responsible for the management of the White Horse Business Building. White Horse Business Building was built in 1990 as a monomer building area of ​​60,000 square meters of commercial building, opened in January 1993 as a large modern indoor clothing market, a total of 10 layers, four layers of shopping malls, five-story office building, a layer underground car park. Spot wholesale center market gathered from the Pan-Pearl River Delta region, Yangtze River Delta, Fujian, Zhejiang and even throughout the country and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea’s apparel manufacturers more than 2,000, is in the high-end clothing, clothing brand chain center and fashion publishing the exhibition center. At present, the market transactions face across borders directly on five continents, entering transactions attract the merchants of northern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa, South America, the annual trading volume of over 30 billion.
Whitehorse company always adhere to the purpose of “professionalism, innovation and service” to the environment comfortable, caring service, business confidence, innovation “as the quality of service policy, is committed to the role of property management from the traditional to the garment industry service operators ahead. In 2001, white horse passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. At present, Guangzhou Baima clothing market has become the banner of the wholesale clothing industry, year after year to the provinces, municipalities, National Civilized Market Top Ten civilized market of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province integrity of the building demonstration units, China’s top ten clothing wholesale market, Guangdong Province, commodity trading competitiveness of the top fifty markets, the most competitive market of the apparel industry in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province circulation leading enterprises in a number of awards. Horsehead trademark of the White Horse was awarded the title of “Guangdong Province”. December 21, 2005, Guangzhou Baima clothing market as one of the first REIT Property listed in Hong Kong.

4 The Wantong clothing City

Address: No. 135 in the Central City West
The Wantong clothing wholesale business casual clothing, including all kinds of brand HITHOP clothing, women’s leisure, leisure accessories, sports shoes, jeans and other trade dress, and customers throughout Africa, North America, Australia, and the Liwan District. The market is located in Guangzhou City, Central City West location, gathered around the historical sites, old shop, with a large number of consumer flow. Partition rational function of shopping centers within a unified operation, unified management, at the same time, it also has 800 square meters of the Cultural Square, a series of Four Seasons fashion show, attracting a large number of passenger traffic to wholesale purchases.
Busy with the advantages of: 1) Lot; 2) atmosphere enough (around monuments and old gathered in the shop); 3) the flow of poly (million average daily consumption flow of extra cash); 4) Planning (partition rational function, a unified management unified management); 5) scenes of hot (800 square meters Cultural Square, the series of Four Seasons SHOW).
U.S. Department of Panxin clothing Town
Address: No. 139, Central City West (stations across the West Plaza)
U.S. Department of the International Garment City, located in the Guangzhou station west clothing wholesale market. U.S. Department of the International Garment City is a shining star. Have central air conditioning and bright renovated modern and comfortable design, walk in the popular front-line of which is more like the kind of large-scale clothing stores.
Guangzhou, U.S. Department of International Garment City between its opening in August 2008, a total of basement and ground five, three or less women, starting from the third men, some restaurants from the sixth floor. Close to the station west of Guangzhou Meeting America International Garment City (U.S. Department of pan letter Clothing City) clothing wholesale market with the Provincial Bus Terminal, through continuous efforts, the U.S. Department of the International Garment City (U.S. Department of pan letter Clothing City) its own characteristics – mainly Korean clothing, U.S. Department of the International Garment City (U.S. Department of pan letter Clothing City) gathered a large number of Korean shop on the inside.

5 Liuhua clothing wholesale market

Address: Liuhua Hotel, Central City West 194 South Building
Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market is located opposite the railway station in Guangzhou, adjacent to the Guangzhou suburb distance Bus Station, the traffic is very convenient, is connected to the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, the only among the many clothing wholesale market for recreational fashion world and the White Horse Building The golden path across the country clothing merchants in Guangzhou, the main staging area is unique in following the White Horse Building, a rising star.
From the airport to make a car more than 20 yuan to the Liuhua clothing wholesale market, if you went by train more convenient, opposite the train station, next to the provincial bus station, the buyer, transportation it is very convenient. Liuhua clothing wholesale business district has 13 garment wholesale center, the larger white horse, backgammon, Pegasus, the new earth, rich and beautiful clothing wholesale market. The sale of clothing in the Liuhua clothing wholesale business district each year up to 4 billion yuan.
Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market in October 1996 grand opening. Daily traffic Yu Wan opened Wang, a garment industry pioneer. Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market area of ​​over 15,000 square meters, more than 1000 shops, with over 1500 square meters of parking for loading and unloading and parking use, the venue supporting the nine two-way escalator, 8 foot ladder, with 1990s, the most advanced dual-use goods lift and a number of the rest of the lobby, a large area of ​​fast-food restaurant, bank and business center, information center, office buildings are under construction. Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou City in the 1990s, advanced equipment up to the most complete, most perfect supporting services clothing wholesale market.

6 New earth Garment City

Address: 122 Station Road
The new earth Garment City is to invest by the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) under the Guangdong Dadi Hotel is located in the core area of ​​Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale business district, the existing building area of ​​20000 square meters, with 8 floors. And supporting facilities, has a three-star hotel, restaurant, Western restaurant, bank, large parking lot, freight stations, business centers provide clients with a full range of services.
Gather Chenghai, Guangdong, Dongguan and other places more than 600 large wool textile production, dealers, radiation throughout the country and in Asia, Europe, and America. Since its opening in 1996, after adequate market research, analysis, accurately grasp the development trend of the wholesale clothing industry, to abandon the low-level homogenization of duplicate construction, unique way to create a pure office gross professional textile and garment wholesale business model, and quickly made to prosperous, stronger, bigger, and now appear on the wool textile and garment wholesale and leading position in Guangzhou City, is the first choice of foreign procurement of Chinese wool textile and apparel led Liuhua clothing wholesale market in a higher level of professional development.
Introduction of the concept of star-hotel management services, to completely change the past, clothing wholesale market, extensive traditional management model, in the construction of the hardware or software services are fine up and down the full effort and focus to increase the strength and depth of services, clothing market development needs, configure the adequate management of service personnel, full use of the advantages of relying star hotel service is fully equipped to provide convenience for the majority of operators and buyers, truly magnificent hardware, resplendent software Dare First, go all out.
Wide acclaim since its opening, the community, year after year for consumer satisfaction market, Guangzhou City, the most professional characteristics (wool) clothing wholesale market Guangzhou is the most competitive apparel wholesale market “,” Guangzhou City, Class A taxpayers, “and so on.
Member service is the new land of Garment City to provide additional services to the new land of merchants and the new earth customers and aim to provide customers with a bridge of communication. According to the different types of members in the new earth web site for purchasing information, cooperation intention of management, information management, clothing management function.

7 Wide controlled Building, Garment City

Address: No. 931 North Renmin Road,
Main: knitting, wool, denim, casual wear
Wide control Garment City officially opened in August 2001, which is a set of brand apparel store to join, wholesale display and discuss the office for an integrated intelligent commercial buildings, but also Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale trading in center business market one with a total construction area of ​​about 30,000 square meters. 2008 degrees rated the Liuhua “spa” five professional market
Wide control Garment City is located in Guangzhou City Commercial of the most prosperous people of North Road and Station Road Interchange. The area is the main distribution center for the transportation of the nation’s leading wholesale clothing center and southern China, complete supporting facilities. Wide controlled Building Leisure Clothing City distance from Guangzhou Railway Station, Provincial Bus Terminal one step away from the subway station only a few hundred meters, the China Hotel, Liuhua Hotel, Friendship Theatre in close proximity. Wide control casual clothing near the city of the central area of ​​the garment trading wholesale, and the White Horse, a new earth, Pegasus, Liuhua and other more mature clothing wholesale market for the neighbors, the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, detached excellent location.
Wide control Garment City to occupy the three major advantages of climate, geography, and there are thousands of the city gathered at home and abroad well-known clothing brand as much. Effective management mechanism, a strong cultural atmosphere, a healthy competitive environment, the formation of the unique content of the clothing city, many businesses their rush.
Clothing business clothing city wide control not only received from across the country, but also for Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and other overseas customers, is the ideal professional engaged in foreign trade clothing wholesale market.

8 Tianma Building, Fashion Wholesale Center

Address: Central City West 168
Tianma Building, Fashion wholesale center is a country of similar industries to obtain the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification large wholesale clothing store. Guangzhou Tianma Building, Fashion wholesale center opened on October 19, 1998, the building covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters of business area of ​​nearly 30,000 square meters. Tianma Building, clothing wholesale building is only an introduction of foreign capital in many famous clothing wholesale commercial. A negative one to three for the shops; the negative layer of the features of men’s wholesale marketing, the first floor is a land famous brand marketing brings together two, three engaged in all kinds of men and women casual clothing, sweaters, leather garments, occupational series fashion, four to eight shows for the garment manufacturers’ products.

9 Station West Garment City

Address: Station Road West
Station West clothing wholesale city is located in Station Road, in the north of the Provincial Bus Terminal, south of Guangzhou Railway Station, the main business, low-end clothing wholesale and retail. In addition, with the Street of the Golden Elephant Knitting garment wholesale center, is mainly engaged in wholesale and retail clothing Knitting.
Station West clothing market has a large number of passenger flow and convenient transportation in the country’s wholesale clothing plays a hub role. In the sections of a large number of clothing stores, especially Station West clothing market and Jumeirah clothing wholesale market size and passenger representatives. Station West clothing market has hundreds of performance standard Ping, the presence of well-known manufacturers of the customer base.
The arcade collection of many large clothing shops and offices, most of the shops are factory outlets, and with the production of world famous brands of clothing technology and ability to attract come from all over the world, North America, Africa, Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe, West Asia customers.

10 Pearl clothing city

Address: Station Road 229 to four
Pearl Garment City is located in Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, Station Road, located in Guangzhou City, the most prosperous Liuhua clothing shopping district, surrounding around the well-known apparel wholesale market, domestic and foreign merchants clouds, and convenient transportation.
Shopping malls area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters, mainly engaged in foreign trade woolen sweater, a total of five business building, shopping malls and office goods with passenger elevators, shopping malls install central air conditioning system, sound? Systems, computer monitoring system, smoke alarm and automatic sprinkler system.
Pearl Garment City and since the establishment of business, due to its excellent geographical location and advanced equipment and facilities to attract the presence of many strong and reputable clothing business operators, quickly open the domestic and international market, sales are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East Africa and Europe.
Mall of “integrity, pragmatic and efficient” management philosophy, and constantly improve the management system, providing quality products and services to customers, maintain long-term interests of the Pearl Garment city and its businesses. The Company believes that high-quality clothing and good governance is the soul of shopping malls, will determine the survival and development of enterprises. After several years of development, the Pearl Garment City has a good business reputation, scientific management, high quality workforce, and believe it will have a more brilliant future.

11 Jin Du clothing Building

Address: 197 Station Road, Kam clothing Building 416 room
Jin Du clothing Building is located in Yuexiu District, Station Road, No. 197, the building is located in the center of Liuhua clothing wholesale business district in the region, 12 – storey, 18,000 square meters of operating area, a set of travel industry, clothing, business comprehensive commercial property, with 200 customers. Second floor shops, first floor business underwear; the second floor, the main business men’s series, mainly in wholesale and retail; three, the fourth floor of the stylish decoration pattern of wholesale clothing business office, gathered in a variety of male and female casual clothing brand ; fifth, sixth floor, focus on the brand merchants, is a casual, comfortable clothing wholesale business office, specializing in men and women casual woolen clothing line; seven, the eighth floor for the upscale business clothing wholesale center, the main operating across the country leisure weaving, wool, knitting clothing series; nine, ten, 11th Floor, for the Yingshang Ministry of hotel rooms, comfortable and elegant environment; building a negative one, the second floor has a large parking lot, drive for customers purchasing the door.

12 Nova clothing city

Address: Station Road, No. 166
Main camps: knitting wool fashion
Guangzhou Rising Star clothing commercial buildings located in the Liuhua area clothing distribution center for the center in the region operate clothing wholesale and retail of the gold zone, from 1994 in the region and the first to run knitting wool series of professional market so far and innovative commitment to reform, to become Liuhua area franchise knitting Knitwear fashion a new force. Well-known reputation throughout the country, commercial facilities are available, a second floor to open shops, three to the sixth floor of a high-grade scriptorium.
Nova clothing commercial buildings, shopping malls and well-equipped, with a star standard of decor and service, with vertical passenger and freight elevators, escalators, central air conditioning, and program-controlled telephones, and stalls, offices, warehouse rental, shipping, business center other train services.
Looking ahead, Nova clothing commercial buildings, shopping malls will adhere to the years of “quality of survival and development, technology, reputation for service, to manage for efficiency purposes, in conjunction with the community, a solid pace into the twenty century.

13 Happy to win clothing footwear wholesale shopping mall

Address: 47-49 Station Road West
Guangzhou, happy to win the wholesale clothing store Description: happy to win the main wholesale clothing malls clothing, shoes.

14 Kwong needle wool clothing market

Address: Station Road, No. 195
The country, facing the world, with a new standardized, modern standard clothing wholesale and retail market. Across the country a large number of well-known manufacturers, businesses, brands, business scope: hundreds of thousands of brands of clothing, fabrics, bedding, footwear.

15 The Jintai clothing City

Address: No. 145 in the Central City West
Guangzhou Jintai Garment City is located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, the Central City West No. 145 of the main garment, the two first floor of the provincial bus station.
The Jintai Garment City Liuhua district another world view, men and women casual pants to operate in the high-end washing business area of ​​1200 square meters, 43 shops, targeted operations, control the trend.

16 Campbell clothing trade city

Address: Station Road No. 57, No. 9
Opened: September 5, 2003
Bus station: Wang Shengtang
Scale: an area of ​​14,000 square meters
Market type: wholesale and retail
Distribution market: more than 300 shops in the first two layers of the main operating characteristics of the foreign trade brand of casual fashion, the third floor of Guangzhou, the first inter-Korean special, engaged in high-grade Korean clothing, the fourth floor shopping malls, nowadays young people in Taiwan popular variety of clothing, accessories and gadgets.

17 Jumeirah clothing wholesale market

Address: 55 Station Road West
Main: denim shirt and trousers, all kinds of machines, knit sport shirt, sport series shoes, shirt, cap
Jumeirah clothing wholesale market is close to Guangzhou railway station, provincial bus side, located within the emerging clothing distribution center in Station Road West, has a large number of passenger flow and convenient transportation, wholesale clothing in the country play a hub role. In the sections of a large number of clothing stores, especially Station West clothing market and Jumeirah clothing wholesale market size and passenger representatives. Station West clothing market has hundreds of performance standard Ping, the presence of well-known manufacturers of the customer base.

18 Backgammon Fashion Square

Address: 184 Central City West, 3rd Floor
Business: medium and high-end modern fashion wholesale
Listed goods: clothing, small articles of daily use, travel accessories
Cotton Tree the backgammon Fashion Square is one-based, high-grade modern fashion wholesale, large fashion plaza of the radiation on a certain scale. Founded in August 1993, was first built during the 230 occupants, employing 400 people, an area of ​​approximately 2500 square meters. With the development of market economy, under the the Huasheng leadership of the right decisions, the business continues to expand to expand the development of industry, households in 1995 270, employing 1,800 people; to 1998 has been the rapid expansion of industry, households 1800, practitioners staff of 2,200 people, covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters, the formation of a considerable size, brought together all over the country and apparel technology, style and design to reflect the fashion trends, known throughout the country and even Asia was also a minor celebrity large Fashion Square. Step by step the center of the Fashion Square is located in the clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou City, the “golden triangle”, the south, the White Horse Building, Tianma Building, east for flower clothing Plaza flow, Kinmen and Matsu apparel center, the Guangzhou Railway Station, backed by Guangzhou Automobile terminus, the daily flow capacity of 12,000 people. From the economic point of view it is an important hub for traffic, every day brings together the north-south flow of people, cohabitation is a complex social order, the incidence is more difficult to manage the area. Since 1993 construction field, the market in the arrangement of the Corporation, according to the instructions and deployment of provincial, municipal, specific guidance and help of the Yuexiu District Public Security Bureau and the Liuhua station, the market is to “serve the masses, for the purpose of to build a law-abiding, fair trade, business civilization, pleasant environment, good order, safety and modernization of large shopping malls as the goal, the formation of a variety of management team, pay close attention to the establishment of the various systems. After more than three years of continuous learning, improvement, rectification, and improve, the work has achieved some success in 1996, Trade and Industry Bureau of Guangdong Province from 1995 to 1996, the provincial civilized market “, was assessed in 1997 in Guangzhou Industry and Commerce Bureau as from 1996 to 1997 the annual municipal civilized market. ”

19 Leisure and cowboy town

Address: Recreation Building, 921 Renmin Road North, one to three layers
Main business: jeans, casual wear
Leisure cowboy town has a three-over 6000 square meters of business space, is the first individual indoor clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou City, the mall has more than 300 stand-alone shops, bright, spacious channel, up and down between floors set of escalators and step-level Tap ladder. Supporting complete business center, monitoring center. The excellent business environment, equipped with central air conditioning and other facilities.
Guangzhou Leisure cowboy town, its located in the southern gateway to China, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, near the Guangzhou Railway Station, facing the geographical advantage of China’s export fair. At present, the cowboy town of Guangzhou Leisure and operation of various types of denim, casual wear brand is nearly a thousand species, of which 70% are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other foreign markets, to become China’s largest jeans, casual clothing market, at home and abroad cowboy casual clothing manufacturers, merchants as “the first city of the cowboy”.

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